Liz Astrof discusses and signs “Don’t Wait Up: Confessions of a Stay-At-Work Mom”

Liz Astrof will discuss “Don’t Wait Up: Confessions of a Stay-At-Work Mom” at Book Soup. This book is a blunt and side-splittingly funny book of essays that embraces the realities of motherhood (and womanhood) that no one ever talks about: like needing to hide from your kids in your closet, your car, or a yoga class on the other side of town, letting them eat candy for dinner because you just can’t deal, to the sheer terror of failing them or at the very least losing them in a mall. And sometimes, many times, wondering if the whole parenting thing wasn’t for you.

10×10: Ten True Tales about Hollywood

The Last Bookstore presents: 10×10…Ten Talented Taletellers Tell Ten True Tales about HOLLYWOOD – The Good, The Bad and the Very Ugly World of Show Business.

Described as “Reader’s Theater” this production of 10×10 will present a mix of actors, writers, producers and directors, who will tell their personal stories of the journeys they have made and the knowledge they have learned along the way.

Bruce Ferber discusses and signs “The Way We Work”

Bruce Ferber will discuss “The Way We Work” at Diesel Bookstore. Writer/producer Brent Forrester will join Ferber in conversation. This book provides a window into the skill sets and the insanity that make movies and television tick. Essays by award-winning writers, directors, and producers chronicle the process and the obstacles facing those at the top of the creative food chain. Oral histories from executives to “below-the-line” workers describe life in the trenches, which often present as Stud’s Terkel’s Working–on acid.

Made in L.A. launches “Chasing the Elusive Dream” fiction anthology at Skylight Books

The Made in L.A. indie author co-op presents contributors to the latest installment of their annual fiction anthology series, “Made in L.A. Vol. 2: Chasing the Elusive Dream.” Join a publication party with local authors who have a passion for writing about their home.

While the first volume was rooted in Los Angeles, this second volume focuses on goals, dreams, and the distant horizon. It explores the fantasies people carry with them to L.A., as well as the dreams Angelenos dream while surrounded by this vast and evolving city.

This anthology series showcases a diverse range of voices and genres. Like the City of Angels where these stories were born, nothing is off-limits. Literary or contemporary, fantasy or science fiction, each story in this volume invites you to view this urban landscape through a different lens.

The evening will include discussions about what we find inspiring about Los Angeles, how our stories came about, and a behind-the-scenes peek at indie publishing and the DIY production of hyper-local literary culture.

Guillaume Serina discusses and signs “An Impossible Dream”

Vroman’s presents Guillaume Serina to discuss and sign “An Impossible Dream: Reagan, Gorbachev, and a World Without the Bomb.” When Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev sat down in Reykjavik in 1986, George Shultz, the American secretary of state at the time, said that it was “the poker game with the highest stakes ever played.” It was the last time the world had a chance to do away entirely with nuclear weapons. This is the behind-the-scenes story of this remarkable summit conference in the remote Icelandic capital. “An Impossible Dream” is the first exploration of recently-available archives of both sides–top-secret archives of the Kremlin and the personal papers of Mikhail Gorbachev, as well as the archives of Ronald Reagan. These chronicles, personal diaries and previously classified memoranda are deeply enriched by the personal reminiscences of many of the key players at this era.

Lisa Taddeo discusses and signs “Three Women”

Come see Lisa Taddeo in conversation with Clarissa Cruz about “Three Women” at Skylight Books. This book is a deeply immersive account of the erotic lives and longings of three women. The result—shocking, powerful, and timely—reads like George Packer’s The Unwinding, but for the state of female desire.

Anthony McCann discusses and signs “Shadowlands: Fear and Freedom at the Oregon Standoff”

Chevalier’s Books presents Anthony McCann to discuss and sign “Shadowlands: Fear and Freedom at the Oregon Standoff.” In 2016, a group of armed, divinely inspired right-wing protestors led by Ammon Bundy occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the high desert of eastern Oregon. From the Occupation’s beginnings, to the trials of the occupiers in federal court in downtown Portland and their tumultuous aftermaths, Shadowlands is the resonant, multifaceted story of one of the most dramatic flashpoints in the year that gave us Donald Trump.

Obi Kaufmann discusses “The State of Water”

Obi Kaufmann will discuss “The State of Water” at Chevalier’s Books. This book unravels the braided knot of California’s water infrastructure and ecosystems, exposing a history of unlimited growth in spite of finite natural resources—a history that has led to its current precarious circumstances.

Michael Werner and Peter Eisenhardt discuss and sign “More Things in the Heavens”

Join Michael Werner and Peter Eisenhardt at Vroman’s for a discussion and signing of “More Things in the Heavens: How Infrared Astronomy Is Expanding Our View of the Universe.” This book takes readers on a breathtaking guided tour of the cosmos in the infrared, beginning in our solar system and venturing ever outward toward the distant origins of the expanding universe.

Weiko Lin discusses and signs “Crazy Screenwriting Secrets: How to Capture a Global Audience”

Weiko Lin discusses “Crazy Screenwriting Secrets: How to Capture a Global Audience” at Vroman’s. The “crazy” secrets unveil what it takes to launch successful global movies that reflect the modern world. Through a culinary approach, Lin helps readers understand narratives in feature films and tap into their own unique taste buds to create meaningful stories for the screen.