Mauro Javier Cárdenas discusses “Aphasia: a novel” with Carmen Boullosa

Antonio wants to avoid thinking about his sister–even though he knows he won’t be able to avoid thinking about his sister–because his sister is on the run after allegedly threatening to shoot her neighbors, and has been claiming that Antonio, Obama, the Pentagon, and their mother are all conspiring against her. Nevertheless, Antonio is going to try his best to be as avoidant as possible, because he worries that what’s been happening to his sister might somehow infect his relatively contented, ordered American life, and destabilize the precarious arrangement with his ex-wife that’s allowed him to stay close to his two daughters.

Writers Bloc presents Martin Amis and Steve Martin

It’s clear that Martin Amis‘ life has been even more wildly captivating as his novels. In his new book, Inside Story, which he calls a “novelized autobiography.” Amis returns to his great influences in his life– to his beloved friend Christopher Hitchens, to his mentor and literary idol, Saul Bellow, and to the great poet, Philip Larkin. And of course to his father, Kingsley Amis. And there are of course the women and sex.

Made in L.A. & Skylight Books present Art of Transformation, in collaboration with BookSwell

Fri, November 13, 2020
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM PST

Discover Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation with Skylight Books and contributors of stories with a strong Los Angeles setting

About this Event

Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation is a love letter to one of the greatest cities in the world, one that invites, or forces, its inhabitants to transform with it.

We launched our second anthology at Skylight Books to a crowd of devoted readers. This year, we’re coming back online to showcase a set of stories that investigate the art of transformation, something every person and every place in LA undergoes more often than not.

We’ll hear from contributing authors about how LA locales inspired their stories and what it’s like to write fiction that illuminates our beautiful, flawed, transforming home.

An online event hosted by BookSwell in collaboration with Skylight Books.