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Chevalier's Books 133 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Join Katharine Haake as she discusses her latest book in conversation with author Lou MathewsABOUT THE BOOKIn Katharine Haake's new eco-fable, What Happened Was, emissaries from the postworld return to us with accounts of a future that spooled itself out because we weren’t paying attention. In it, everything looks a lot like now, only a little bit different. Intimate, precarious, often beguiling, sometimes hilarious, and never free of political context, these reports are haunted by loss. Whether parts of the body or children in trees, things disappear in this world without warning or sense as everything fades toward oblivion and dead parents taunt from the grave: What made you think you were so special it wouldn’t happen to you?ABOUT THE AUTHORKatharine Haake is the author of the eco-dystopian science fiction fable, The Time of Quarantine, and the California hybrid prose lyric, That Water, Those Rocks, and three collections of stories. Her work has appeared broadly and been recognized as distinguished by Best American Fiction and Best American Essays, among others. She is a professor of creative writing at California State University, Northridge.ABOUT THE INTERLOCUTORLou Mathews is the author of the novels L.A. Breakdown, an L.A. Times Best Book, and Shaky Read More ...

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