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Book Talk! Lilah Fitzgerald’s STARS & SWASHBUCKLERS

Chevalier's Books 133 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Join Lilah Fitzgerald to discuss her recent book STARS & SWASHBUCKLERSABOUT THE BOOKMonsters eat dreams.Yes or no?Far in the future, earth has split apart into thousands of islands dangling between the stars. Privateers search for relics, artifacts, and manuscripts that were lost when the earth split, ships sail the stars like they once sailed oceans, and banished Olde Beings lurk in the Mysts between the islands.Welcome to the broken world.Stuck in steerage on the maiden voyage of the luxury airship the Halthow, sixteen-year-old Anya Marcox is determined to make her brother happy by accepting the fate their dead father used to recite to her like a prayer: average lives for average girls.But when an encounter with a dashing stranger lands Anya in the middle of a cutthroat race to find a relic that could change the fate of the islands, average is no longer an option.Compelled by the whispering of the stars that have always promised her something more, Anya finds herself secretly working as a privateer—and falling for her partner in crime. But her treasure hunt through the stars soon turns deadly: the nightmares are getting worse . . . and Anya is beginning to wonder if they’re more Read More ...

Book Talk! Sascha Rothchild’s BLOOD SUGAR

Chevalier's Books 133 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Join Sascha Rothchild to discuss her recent book BLOOD SUGARABOUT THE BOOK AND AUTHORQUICK TAKE: A New York Times Book Review Best Thriller of 2022 that received critical acclaim from outlets like Cosmopolitan, New York Post, FIRST For Women, CrimeReads, Paste, PopSugar, and BookPage, BLOOD SUGAR tells the story of Ruby Simon, an absurdly likeable murderess accused of killing her husband—ironically, the only murder she didn’t commit. As Ruby undergoes questioning and the narrative alternates between Ruby’s memories of her past crimes and her present-day fight to clear her name, Rothchild weaves an intricately plotted and surprisingly sensitive exploration of love, guilt, chronic illness, revenge, and justice, all served up in her irreverent charm and fresh, acerbic prose. The result is a twisty, clever tale of female power and a surprising tribute to the extraordinary things we do for love, starring an unforgettable protagonist you can’t help but root for—an addicting mixture of sour and sweet.BLOOD SUGAR marks a departure for Rothchild, who cut her teeth writing some of the last decades’ boldest, most memorable stories. After gaining notoriety first for her 2004 stint on public radio show “This American Life” and then for her comedic yet heartfelt memoir-turned-screenplay, How Read More ...

Book Talk! Anna Quinn & Staci Greason

Chevalier's Books 133 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Join Anna Quinn & Staci Greason to discuss their recent books ANGELINE & ALL THE GIRLS IN TOWNAnna Quinn is the author of the novel, Angeline, forthcoming from Blackstone Publishing, spring, 2023, and The Night Child (Blackstone Publishing, 2018). Listed as a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Psychological Literary Fiction, it was also selected an an Ingram's 2018 Best Book Club and #1 Best Real Psychological Fiction on Goodreads. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Writer's Digest, Psychology Today, Washington 129 Anthology, and the Alone Together: Comfort in the Time of Covid anthology. Anna leads writing workshops across the country, and is the former owner of The Writers' Workshoppe and Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend, WA. www.annamquinn.comANGELINE is about a young, cloistered nun from Chicago transferred unwillingly to a radical convent in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Here, she must learn to assimilate the profound losses of her past with a supernatural gift for healing that awakens as she opens to her new life.Staci Greason is the author of All the Girls in Town, a novel (TouchPoint Press, 7/26/22). Her other literary achievements include award-winning television pilots and screenplays. Her short stories and essays have been published in Read More ...

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