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Launch for Horror Debut: The Eyes Are The Best Part

Village Well Books & Coffee 9900 Culver Boulevard, #1b, Culver City, CA, United States

Monika Kim will do a reading, have a conversation with a guest, do a Q+A, and end up finishing with a signing.The Eyes Are The Best Part has been described as My Sister, The Serial Killer meets Crying in H-Mart, as a young Korean-American woman begins to fracture as her family breaks, and in her rage, begins to crave the eyes of men, especially the blue eyes of her mother's new, abusive partner, George. A mixture of horror, thriller, and literary, we've had blurbs from horror legends like Christopher Golden, Hailey Piper, CJ Leede, and more, along with very strong reviews. About the author:Monika Kim is a second-generation Korean-American living in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. She learned about eating fish eyes from her mother, who immigrated to Los Angeles from Seoul in 1985. The Eyes are the Best Part is her first novel and you can find her at there will eyes, blood, eating eyes, violence, abuse, and probably more.

How to Burn A Rainbow

Village Well Books & Coffee 9900 Culver Boulevard, #1b, Culver City, CA, United States

Join us to celebrate the launch of Karl Dunn's memoir, How to Burn a Rainbow, the first book about gay divorce.Imagine being married to your dream partner, owning a gorgeous house in LA, being at the top of the global advertising industry, and leaving it all to figure out who the hell you actually really are. That’s what happened to Karl Dunn, whose divorce from his husband in California became his crisis of identity. It’s an Eat Pray Love style, riches-to-rags journey from LA to Europe that Karl chronicled in his book How To Burn A Rainbow, an intimate, honest, and revealing story about divorce and self-love that questions and reframes the entire institution of marriage. As Karl says in his book, “My marriage didn’t make me whole, my divorce did.”About the author:Karl Dunn is a multi-award-winning advertising Creative Director who has lived and worked in eleven cities throughout Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. A global citizen, Karl speaks on a broad section of topics such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Self-love — a culmination of his 25 years in international business, his personal experience of divorce, and his passion for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. He Read More ...

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