All events listed below take place online. Please visit the organizers’ websites for details.

Hen House at Home ft. Judy Grahn, Kim Stafford, and Gary Lemons

The Hen House at Home Virtual Event Series continues with a reading and conversation featuring Judy Grahn, Kim Stafford, and Gary Lemons! These three incredible writers discuss their latest collections, the connections between literature, nature, and the self, and their long-lasting careers and legacies as writers in their communities. Tune in on our Facebook page at, our YouTube channel at, or our website at We hope to see you there, and don’t forget to purchase TOUCHING CREATURES, TOUCHING SPIRIT, SINGER COME FROM AFAR, and SNAKE IV: ORIGINAL GRACE now!


NEH Reading and Conversation Series: Jason Schneiderman and Ellen Bass

Continuing our poetry lecture and conversation series are Jason Schneiderman and Ellen Bass, moderated by Douglas Manuel, on the queer voice in poetry, and the topic of subverting the form, and subverting the language in Formalist poetry. With the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Red Hen Press is proud to bring a unique lecture and conversation series to the public, focusing on the history and future of formalism in poetry. The unifying thread of this conversation series is exploring formalist poetry and the role it plays in our culture as poetry continues to evolve. Why do we as readers and listeners to poetry continue to love the sound and rhythm of formal poetry? Why does it create a kind of heartbeat for us? Our series is organized with a movement from the traditional to the contemporary, bringing in diverse experiences and voices. Speakers will discuss poetry’s formal foundation and how teaching these building blocks allows for growth. In order for young people to do experimental poetry, they have to know what rules to break; to play with form, they have to know what form is. In poetry, traditional forms are the way we learn technique. If poetry Read More ...


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