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Claire Cronin discusses “Blue Light of the Screen” with Colin Dickey

Blue Light of the Screen is about what it means to be afraid — about immersion, superstition, delusion, and the things that keep us up at night. A creative-critical memoir of the author’s obsession with the horror genre, Blue Light of the Screen embeds its criticism of horror within a larger personal story of growing up in a devoutly Catholic family, overcoming suicidal depression, uncovering intergenerational trauma, and encountering real and imagined ghosts.


Jon Wiener discusses “Conspiracy in the Streets” in conversation with John Powers

Opening at the end of 1969--a politically charged year at the beginning of Nixon's presidency and at the height of the anti-war movement--the Trial of the Chicago Seven (which started out as the Chicago Eight) brought together Yippies, antiwar activists, and Black Panthers to face conspiracy charges following massive protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, protests which continue to have remarkable contemporary resonance.


Made in L.A. Art of Transformation Launch Party

A book launch party for Made in L.A. Art of Transformation, stories about a city that invites, or forces, its inhabitants to change. The stories and dreams we share with each other are ever-evolving. The ground shifts beneath our feet. We return to familiar corners and find ourselves out of place and time. Art of Transformation explores interior states of emotional drift and the evolving place we call home.Celebrate the launch of this new volume of short stories with our contributing authors and editors. We'll talk about how we turn the stories of our lives into the stories we share with readers and what it takes to transform reality into art.Made in L.A. Writers came into being because local readers expressed their desire, en masse, for stories about Los Angeles. As a collaborative of Los Angeles-based writers who are dedicated to nurturing and promoting indie fiction, our work is both influenced and illuminated by our hometown and underpinned by the extraordinary, multifaceted, and often surreal culture and life in L.A.Pay-what-you-will donation tickets will go toward recouping the costs of publication and promotion for the Made in L.A. Fiction Anthology Series.

Made in L.A. Writers Halloween Party

Celebrate the art of transformation known as Halloween with contributing writers to Made in L.A. third volume of fiction about Los Angeles. Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation is a love letter to one of the greatest cities in the world, one that invites, or forces, its inhabitants to transform with it. However, there's a dark side to our city. A creeping suspicion that not all is right and forces beyond our control will upend our lives. Death itself is a type of transformation and many of the stories in this third volume of fiction from Made in L.A. explore unexpected tragedies and desperate situations. All is not glittering in the Hollywood shadows and on the streets of downtown nor in the suburban backyards where nature creeps slowly then in sudden conflagrations. Join us for a creepy celebration of transformation. We'll be holding a costume ball with prizes for our "Most Transformed" panelist and guest. We'll also be "madlibbing" our stories, stipping out details and filling in words and phrases from other contributors' stories. Does it sound like chaos? Good, we love it. Wild times are here and we're coasting on the wave, hoping not to get sucked Read More ...

Cooking demo & conversation with Christopher Kimball

Throw together fast, flavorful meals in no time with just a handful of ingredients with 200 highly cookable, delicious, and incredibly simple recipes from the James Beard Award-winning team at Milk Street.

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David Byrne and Maira Kalman discuss “American Utopia”

From former Talking Heads frontman and multimedia visionary David Byrne and revered bestselling author, illustrator, and artist Maira Kalman–an inspiring celebration in words and art of the connections between us all. The Spike Lee film adaptation of the Broadway hit American Utopia airs on HBO in Fall 2020.

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