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Juneteenth Spoken Word Open Mic

Juneteenth Celebration! Spoken Word Open MicBeautiful People!Let's celebrate JUNETEENTH!We've inherited a powerful legacy of joy, RESILIENCE, faith, HOPE and SOVEREIGNTY. Give full-throated respect and gratitude for all that our forebears have gifted us.Share your original piece or be a supportive presence the audience.All skills levels welcome!This year we're skillfully guided through the evening by emcee and artist Asiyahsson, featuring the work of poet and author, Brim4Peace. Get ready for an uplifitng celebration that elevates the spirit and resounds with joy!Together we're creating a life- affirming, uplifting event.*This is a joyous, family-friendly gathering. Please refrain from profanity and slurs.Artist GuidelinesWe appreciate your artistry! All skill levels welcome!Please share an original piece - live (not a prerecorded offering).Theme: JUBILEE! Celebration! Gratitude, JOY, sovereignty, resilience, HOPE, transformation, prosperity, breakthrough, freedom! If you have a piece that resonates with this vibe, you are invited to share.This is a celebratory atmosphere - let's keep it elevated. Please refrain from profanity and slurs.Audience GuidelinesWe appreciate your supportive presence!Please show your encouragement through emojis, and chat feedback. If there's a line that rings out to you, drop it in the chat. Let's shower our artists with gratitude and celebrate their courage to generously share their gifts with Read More ...

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