Work with Us

BookSwell lifts up literary communities by connecting readers and writers. Think of us as a creative studio with a role in book publicity and author platforming.

Our offerings include:

  • Planning and production of in-person and online events
  • Production of print and virtual flyers, images, and video for author and book promotion
  • Sharing information, updates, and inspiration throughout our social media networks and email newsletters
  • Featuring book recommendations, author interviews, and highlights of upcoming events on the BookSwell Intersections podcast and YouTube channel
  • Coordination of book giveaways, book club campaign marketing materials, and special offers

A Typical Campaign

Let us support your next online author event with media production services. We can record and produce online readings and create and share clips and excerpts to extend the opportunity to connect with fans.

$500+ Scope (example from a recent client)

  • Guest host the BookSwell Read & Relate online salon
  • Jump the queue to join an upcoming BookSwell Intersections podcast episode
  • Up to 30 minutes of produced video footage
  • Up to 10 shareable images
  • 1 hour of telephone consultation on promotion plans