Eric Weiner in conversation with Rainn Wilson (Virtual)

Eric Weiner and Rainn Wilson will discuss Weiner’s THE GEOGRAPHY OF BLISS, which is now a new docuseries on Peacock hosted by Wilson. It is based on the NY Times bestselling book, which is part travel memoir, part humor and part twisted self-help guide, and takes the traveler around the globe searching for the secrets to the happiest societies on earth. In addition, they will discuss Weiner’s BEN & ME: IN SEARCH OF A FOUNDER’S FORMULA FOR A LONG AND USEFUL LIFE. Not a conventional biography, the author follows Franklin from Philadelphia to Paris, and Boston to London, in an attempt to uncover Ben’s life lessons, including a psychological phenomenon known as The Ben Franklin Effect, the printing press and of course, electricity. Weiner argues we’d all be better off if we acted and thought a bit more like Ben when it comes to curiosity, diligence and self-improvement.