BOOK READING: Kate Gale and D.C. Frost

Join Kate Gale and D.C. Frost as they read from their debut novels, UNDER A NEON SUN and A PUNISHING BREED! Stick around to enjoy a panel (led by Saul Gonzalez) and to get your books signed by the authors. Fans of both literary fiction and mystery novels with love this phenomenal pairing!

An Evening with Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley, one of America’s most celebrated modern day crime fiction writers, returns to Live Talks Los Angeles to talk about Detective Easy Rawlins’ latest client in FAREWELL, AMETHYSTINE. Set in January 1970, Amethystine Stoller disrupts Rawlins’ world when she enlists his help to find her ex-husband. As Easy takes his first step in the investigation, he trips and falls into the memory of things past—loss, love, a world war, and a hunger that has eaten at him since he was a Black boy on his own on the streets of Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas.