Ken Kwapis discusses “But What I Really Want to Do Is Direct” in conversation with Jim Hemphill

Ken Kwapis is among the most respected directors in show business, but getting there wasn’t easy. He struggled just like everyone else. With each triumph came the occasional faceplant. Using his background and inside knowledge, But What I Really Want To Do is Direct tackles Hollywood myths through Ken’s highly entertaining experiences. It’s a rollercoaster ride fueled by brawls with the top brass, clashes over budgets, and the passion that makes it all worthwhile.

Christopher Nolan, Tom Shone and Kenneth Branagh

How does Christopher Nolan manage to weave such personal, singular, panoramic films into international blockbusters? Film critic Tom Shone corralled Christopher Nolan into cooperating with Tom on his book about Nolan’s work. The beautiful result, The Nolan Variations: The Movies, Mysteries, and Marvels of Christopher Nolan, guides readers on a deep dive into Nolan’s extraordinary imagination, his creativity, his process of moving from a germ of a dream of an idea to the film itself. The Nolan Variations helps to explain how Nolan’s films strike a nerve. Nolan’s full participation yields not only storyboards, but Nolan’s personal stories of what makes him a unique visionary.

Vroman’s presents Adam Nayman discussing “Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks” in celebration of Indies First Day/Small Business Saturday

Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks by film critic Adam Nayman, produced by Little White Lies, examines, in illustrated detail for the first time, Anderson’s entire career—fromHard Eight (1996), Boogie Nights(1997),Magnolia (1999), Punch-Drunk Love (2002), There Will Be Blood(2007),The Master(2012), Inherent Vice (2014), andThe Phantom Thread(2017) to his music videos for Radiohead to his early short films.