All events listed below take place online. Please visit the organizers’ websites for details.

Rising Up: Poets Take A Stand

A BookSwell literary reading and fundraiser for Stop AAPI Hate Join us to hear four poets from different backgrounds who are concerned with issues of social justice. Lisbeth Coiman, Deborah J. Hunter, Teresa Mei Chuc, and Leonora Simonovis will share their poems of resistance to stand up to racism, dictators, and the machinery of war itself. This online event, produced by Lisbeth Coiman in collaboration with Bookswell, is free to attend via Zoom and YouTube. All proceeds from pay-what-you-will ticketed donations will go to Stop AAPI Hate. About the Poets Lisbeth Coiman is an emerging, bilingual writer who has wandered the immigration path from Venezuela to Canada, to the US. In her self-published memoir, I Asked the Blue Heron, Coiman explores the intersection between immigration and mental health. She is a bilingual writer and adult educator living in Los Angeles and her work has been published in Acentos Review, Entropy,Lady/Liberty/Lit, Hip Mama Magazine, Rabid Oaks, Cultural Weekly, and elsewhere online, and most recently in print in the Altadena Literary Review, and Accolades: a Women Who Submit Anthology. She featured in the 2015 Listen to Your Mother Show with her piece, The Violin. She lives in LA where she works and Read More ...


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